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There exists an eye drop medication for almost every eye condition known to man. Whether it is eye soreness, dryness, itching (allergy), discharge or redness - any of these highly unpleasant symptoms can be swiftly and safely dealt with using eye drops.

All that needs to be done is to choose the appropriate drug that fits your condition. All eye drop medications can be classified based either on prescription - whether it is needed (Rx) or not needed (Over the Counter), or based on application - what condition the eye drops should cure. Over the counter eye drops usually help with minor symptoms, such as the ones caused by seasonal allergy or eye irritation caused by other conditions. These medications are usually much cheaper than their Rx counterparts, and can be quite convenient to use on an "as needed" basis because of their effectiveness, ease of use and absence of side effects. The downside is that over the counter eye drops will not help with more serious or complex conditions such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis and other eye infections or other eye conditions. If a symptom persists or worsens over time, in most cases it is better to visit a doctor to get a prescription for a more costly but more effective medication. There are exceptions however - several web stores will allow you to buy eye drops online without asking for a prescription, saving you the doctor or insurance fees. Note that not all eye drops are made available for purchase in this fashion.

Eye drop medications can be classified based on the positive effects they deliver for the patient or on the condition they are helping with. There are eye drops for:

1. Eye dryness and Contact Lens Use

Lubricating eye drops are very effective in helping with short-term or temporary eye dryness, such as the one caused by weather or climate (sun, wind, dust or sand), tiredness due to lack of sleep or rest, computer overuse, or other factors. Liquids specifically created for contact lens users serve a similar function, moistening the eyes and accommodating natural tear secretion to provide more comfort.

2. Allergy Symptoms - itching, redness, swelling or discharge

Most eyes drops in this category are OTC and are antihistamine or decongestant based. The majority of these drugs is harmless and may be used repeatedly, but some of them may carry a risk of developing adverse side effects if used long-term. Before you buy eye drops online, refer to the particular drug label for more information. Patanol, Zaditor, Acular and FML are among of the most noticeable drugs in this category.

3. Eye Hypertension and Glaucoma

The diagnosis ocular hypertension is given when intraocular pressure is elevated without the presence of optic nerve damage or vision loss. This condition is the primary risk factor in developing glaucoma. There are several eye drop medications with different working mechanics, indicated to treat ocular hypertension and help glaucoma patients, including such labels as Alphagan, Combigan, Pilocarpine, Travoprost, and Xalatan.

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