FML Eye Drops

FML Eye Drops

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Patient Information about FML Eye Drops

FML (Fluorometholone) is a steroidal eye drop medication specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of itching, swelling, inflammation and discomfort centered in and around the eyes. FML may be used to treat the symptoms of seasonal or perennial allergy, eye inflammation and pain after surgery or injury, or any other condition causing similar symptoms. FML drops may be used in children who are at least 2 years old.

Benefits of FML over Other Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

As you may know, there are several types of drugs that can reduce tissue inflammation, including steroids, NSAIDs, ImSAIDs, and herbal supplements. The benefit of using steroids is that in pair with a very potent and long-lasting effect, these drugs usually do not cause any noteworthy side effects because they only mirror the natural anti-inflammatory processes already present within the organism. This of course will only apply if steroids are used correctly and in accordance with the provided instructions and recommendations.

FML Eye Drops Application Instructions

  1. The standard dose of FML is 1 drop two to four times a day. The initial dose is adjusted depending on the condition being treated, your personal medical condition and several other factors.
  2. When you use FML drops, remember to keep your eyes closed for at least 1 minute after applying the medication. Wait at least 10 minutes before using another eye medication.
  3. Always wash your hands before each use of FML eye drops. Try not to touch the dropper with your fingers or let it in contact with any surface including your eyes or hands.
  4. It is advised to remove contact lenses before using FML. The preservative contained within FML drops may be absorbed into soft contact lenses and cause adverse side effects with continuous use.
  5. FML should not be used if you are allergic to Fluorometholone or any other ingredient within the drug. To get a full list of ingredients of FML you may ask the pharmacist at the store where you buy FML eye drops.
  6. Do not use FML if you currently have an eye infection of any kind (fungal, viral, bacterial, or other).

Additional Details about FML Eye Drops

FML contain a corticosteroid fluorometholone. Steroids are a natural compound found in the body that controls the processes of inflammation within the organism. When applied via eye drops, fluorometholone will suppress the inflammatory reaction in the blood vessels within the eye and in adjacent tissues, effectively removing any unpleasant symptoms. Please remember that it may not be the best decision to buy FML eye drops online as a "reliever" of sudden allergy attacks or similar symptoms, since steroids usually deliver their effects over extended periods of time.

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