Xalatan Eye Drops

Xalatan Eye Drops

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Xalatan Drops Uses and Applications

Xalatan (generic name latanoprost) eye drops were specifically designed to lower eye pressure for people suffering from ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. Xalatan is not approved to use in children. In rare cases when other medications prove to be ineffective or produce too many side effects, Xalatan may be used in treatment of other forms of glaucoma, such as angle closure, neovascular, or inflammatory glaucoma, but it has not been officially approved to treat these conditions and such therapy is regarded as off-label use of Xalatan. If you were instructed to buy Xalatan eye drops online as part of treatment of these conditions, be informed that there has not been enough data gathered in order to deem such treatment to be effective OR safe.

Prostaglandin-based Xalatan against Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the general name of a group of eye conditions that all share the same symptoms of optic nerve damage - loss or impairment of peripheral vision, reduction of sight range, and blindness in rare cases. One of the main factors contributing to the development of this condition is elevated levels of fluid pressure within the eye, also called ocular hypertension. There are several types of eye drops approved to treat this condition, including beta clockers, alpha-adrenergic agonists, parasympathomimetics, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, combination drugs and several others. There is however one of the most commonly preferred solutions - prostaglandin based eye drops such as Xalatan. An advantageous aspect of their use is that these eye drops only need to be applied once a day, making the therapy significantly more convenient. The active ingredient in Xalatan, latanoprost, relaxes the minute muscles within the eye interior, stimulating the outflow of fluid and reducing pressure within the eye.

Basic Instructions on Xalatan Drops Use

  1. The recommended dosage of Xalatan is one drop in each affected eye once a day in the evening, effective for any condition being treated.
  2. To apply Xalatan drops, gently pull down your lower eye lid with your middle or index finger to create a "pocket" with the eye lid. Place the medication dropper just above the affected eye without touching it and squeeze one drop of medication.
  3. Try to keep the bottle away from contaminants by avoiding touching the dropper with your fingers or letting it contact your eye when applying the medication.
  4. If you use any other eye drops, you should apply them at least 5 minutes after you used Xalatan.
  5. You should not use Xalatan if you are allergic to latanoprost or any other ingredient within the drug. When you buy Xalatan online, you may inquire the full list if components of this drug from the pharmacist present at the store.

Where to Buy Xalatan Eye Drops Online

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